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Project 1.

The Wild Shop

This passion project is the branding of a potential online shop dedicated to helping preserve the populations of critically endangered animals. The Wild Shop currently focuses on tigers, gorillas, rhinos, and orangutans. Ideally, all profits made from the shop would be donated to a variety of organizations that focus on preserving a specific species. This project consists of multiple deliverables, including the logo, four pages of the potential website, and various products to be sold on this online shop. With a passion for animals and a great concern for all the endangered species of the world, I am currently striving to make this concept a reality. Visit the link below the to view the current shop!

The Wild Shop Website How it works Icons Tiger Print Gorilla Tapestry Orangutan Tee Gorilla Print Rhino Phonecase Gorilla Sweatshirt Gorilla Phonecase Stickers
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