The Wild Shop Project

Project 1.

The Wild Shop

A branding project for a fictional online shop that is dedicated to preserve the populations of endangered animals.

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Project 2.

The Moon Resort

An animated whimsical advertisement for a fanciful, family-friendly vacation resort on the moon.

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The Moon Resort Animation
Seasonal Retail Project

Project 3.

Seasonal Retail

Inspired by junk food and video games this theme was created for the London-based fashion brand called Lazy Oaf.

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Project 4.

Responsive Website

A redesigned website for French Paper. Created to suit desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Responsive Website
Death Loop Animation

Project 5.

Death Loop

An animated story of a lil dude trying to figure his way out of an eternal loop through various obstacles.

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Project 6.

Festival Rebrand

A modernized rebrand of The Annual Columbus Greek Festival.

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Greek Festival Rebrand
The Wild Wild West Animation

Project 7.

The Wild Wild West

An animated short story of two outlaws finding themselves in a petty argument in the middle of a small cow town.

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Sparkling hisbiscus